World Team | Heistse Pijl
01 June 2024

Amaury Capiot 3rd in the sprint at Heist-op-den-Berg

Amaury Capiot’s sprint finish on the Heistse Pijl was his fourth podium of the season.

Photo : Getty Images

Amaury Capiot

‘Matîs made a big effort in the last climb, and even though I wasn’t in his wheel at the time, he did a good job for the team by stretching out the peloton, which surprised some of the sprinters because not everyone could be at the front. I was third before the climb and I made an effort, which allowed me to tackle it in this position. I followed Casper Van Uden and stayed in his wheel until the last bend. Kristoff was launched by one of his team-mates and he came back from behind. I went straight into his wheel, even though Jordi Meeus and Casper Van Uden were there. It was a bit of a battle for position. Luckily I didn’t opt to go left, otherwise I’d have been trapped. I caught a bit of wind and wasn’t able to take the slipstream. I gave it my all. I couldn’t do any more. The ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team did a good job collectively and the instructions were respected. This podium should give us the impetus we need to go in search of even better results.”

Roger Tréhin, sports director

‘I’d like to highlight the collective commitment of the entire ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team involved in Heistse Pijl. Matîs Louvel did a great job in the approach to the final section of the cobbled climb, but unfortunately he fell just after completing the very good work begun by his four other team-mates. This bend and entry onto the cobbles was the ‘first finish line’ that we had set ourselves. We knew from experience that any places gained there afterwards could not be recovered by riders coming from behind. It was almost a case of everything coming down to the wire. Amaury Capiot and Dan McLay were our cards for the sprint. Unfortunately, Dan was hit by a wave just before the bend. But Amaury got through. We had decided to stay calm throughout the race, and to move if necessary with thirty-five kilometres to go if there were any big moves, otherwise to wait for the sprint. The instructions were respected. Amaury scored a fine podium with a good field of sprinters in this race. It bodes well for the future.’


Amaury Capiot