Equipe Femmes | Tour de France 2025
10 June 2024

A big departure from Brittany

General Manager of the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS women’s team, Emmanuel Hubert would like to salute the initiative of ASO which chose Brittany for the 2025 Grand Départ.


Photo: A.Lipke / ARKEA-B&B HOTELS

Emmanuel Hubert, Manager Général

“The start of the 2025 Women’s Tour de France from Brittany is already shaping up to be a great popular and sporting celebration. The riders, one year after the Netherlands, will set off from another territory where cycling is established as territorial heritage: Brittany This simultaneous highlighting of women’s cycling and our region can only generate strong, intense moments, and above all a race with the same level of intensity. It is certain that the ARKEA-B&B team. HOTELS will do everything possible to be at the start of the 2025 Women’s Tour, which will obviously have a special flavor for us.”