04 April 2023

tzulia Basque Country (Stage 2), Simon Guglielmi 9th

Simon Guglielmi finished 9th in the 2nd stage of the Itzulia Basque Country in Leitza. At the end of the day, he is 12th in the provisional general classification.


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Simon Guglielmi

On the line

“Arnaud had asked us to be positioned as if the finish line was at the top of the last climb. Clément Champoussin and I were in the final position of this last climb. We were among the 15ers, then the descent was very fast with the finish just below us. Clément unfortunately fell. I was well placed, but I dropped back a bit near the line. I finished 9th. I am happy with this result because I have good feelings since the beginning of the season. I am motivated to try to do even better. The final part of this stage was dangerous and I was scared several times. It’s a pity that there weren’t three flat kilometers after the descent to judge the finish”.

Arnaud Gérard, Sport-director

The debrief’

“Clément Champoussin fell four kilometres from the finish, in the descent. He crossed the line, but lost time for the general classification. Simon was well placed, he finishes 9th. This is still a great satisfaction”.


Simon Guglielmi