07 July 2023

Tour de France (stage 7): Luca Mozzato 4th / Simon Guglielmi most agressive rider

Luca Mozzato signed his best ever Tour de France result, while
Simon Guglielmi received the combativity award.

Photos Getty and Fred Machabert

Luca Mozzato

“Fourth place is my best ever finish in the Tour de France. I’ve done my best, and I’d like to thank the whole team for the work they’ve done and the confidence they’ve shown in me. I feel I’ve made progress this year, but I haven’t yet been rewarded with a good result. I want to enjoy this fine performance, while already looking ahead to the next stages”.

Simon Guglielmi

“There were four of us at the start of the breakaway, and then the other riders came up one after the other. I managed at the front, because I knew I was in for a long raid. I was alone at the front for a long time, then Nans Peters, my training companion from Savoie, joined me with Pierre Latour. They were fresh and made me bend in the GPM. But the day was beautiful, I enjoyed the people along the roadside, and it was incredible. People were cheering me on, saying “Come on, Simon”. Luca came 4th in the stage, and I was named combative of the day, so all in all it was a good day.”

Sébastien Hinault

“We were motivated to get to the front, and Simon didn’t miss the opportunity. He was a bit lonely, but he had a lot of fun. It’s great to open the road like that, especially for his first participation in the event. He’s also the day’s most combative rider, which is a good thing. Bordeaux is the city of sprinters, and Luca came 4th on a sinewy finish. He fell off the pace in the early days, but now he’s regaining his confidence and will be in the fight for victory”.