16 September 2023

Super 8 Classic - Jenthe Biermans: "A technical finish »

A classic on the Belgian autumn calendar, the Super 8 Classic is often a sprint race with a small field. But this scenario is not set in stone.

Jenthe Biermans


“The Super 8 Classic is a tough race with a start in Brakel and a finish in Haacht. It’s a race that takes in a number of small Flandrian hills that can make all the difference. The last thirty kilometres are fairly flat, but before that you take the Overisje course. I came 4th in this race this year, and I’m very motivated for the Super 8 Classic. We’ve got a great team entered by Arkéa_Samsic for this competition, which will be centred around Arnaud Démare. The aim is to get the best result for the team. I think that victory could come down to a sprint in a small group. The finish is technical, with lots of bends in the final kilometres, so positioning is important. I hope there will be plenty of us in the final to support Arnaud and help him to a very good result ».

Yvon Caër, Sport-director

The briefing

“The Super 8 Classic is a Belgian semi-classic that is virtually unmissable in the Belgian autumn calendar, with the passage of certain Flanders mountains. So we’ve signed up most of our classic group for this event, solid riders who know the area and who will be there to support Arnaud Démare, who has already performed well in this competition, coming second last year. Generally speaking, this race is a small sprint, but other scenarios cannot be ruled out, which is why if there is a race of movement, we will also be able to rely on our ‘Flandriens’, such as Jenthe Biermans, who recently finished 4th in Overisje, Dan McLay and Luca Mozzato, who is always at ease on the roads of Flanders”.


Arnaud Démare
Luca Mozzato
Daniel McLay
Jenthe Biermans
Donavan Grondin