13 April 2022

Roger Tréhin: "Continue this dynamic”

The two races in the East have hilly profiles that suit Élie Gebsert, Simon Guglielmi, Michel Ries or Maxime Bouet.


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Michel Ries


“I have worked a lot in the last few weeks during my preparation, and I have now completed four races since I came back to racing. I feel that the condition is coming back well, the sensations too. I’m on the right track, I’m waiting for harder races that suit me better to be able to express myself for the benefit of the team. I’m happy to be back with my teammates, and especially out of the four races I did with the team, we won two. My success capital with the guys is a 50% win ratio. I know that the two races of this weekend are difficult, especially the Classic Besançon-Doubs, but at the start of this event is also announced a very nice starlist. It will be a beautiful race until the finish line”.

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Roger Tréhin, Sport-director

The briefing


The Classic Grand Besançon-Doubs and the Tour du Jura, which appeared on the French professional race calendar last year, are races with profiles that correspond to the puncheurs-grimpeurs, and even more climbers for the first one. We will travel with teams that can show good intentions on both of these events in Eastern France. Our goal will be to continue the momentum that has been built up among the team both on home soil and abroad ».


Elie Gesbert
Michel Ries
Simon Guglielmi
Thibault Guernalec