25 September 2022

Paris-Chauny, Hugo Hofstetter, 4th

At the end of a race which ended with a massive sprint, Hugo signed a precious top 5.

On the line

“Before the final, the objective was to make the race dynamic, we were told to make it harder. This is what Louis Barré, Laurent Pichon, Matis Louvel and Anthony Delaplace did in turn. We were very collective and offensive at the same time. I quickly felt that I had good legs in anticipation of the Donavan Grondin sprint, which replaced me around the seven hundred metres mark. Afterwards I was pushed by another rider and almost fell. This made me lose Donavan’s wheel. I turned fourth at the corner, and then I had a little moment of temporization, I wanted to launch, but I found that it was far. Maybe I should have tried everything, taking more risks. But what I remember most is the race we did, and that bodes well for the last week of competition in the 2022 season.

Roger Tréhin, Sport-director

The debrief

“We had opted for a double strategy with the will to show movement during the last difficulties of the course in order to eliminate the sprinters. Anthony Delaplace and Matîs Louvel tried to break the peloton, but the interests of the sprinters’ teams were too convergent. At the end of a massive sprint we put everything on Hugo who finished 4th, perfectly led and replaced by Donavan Grondin. I would like to pay tribute to the work of each rider who accomplished the mission that was assigned to him”.