13 July 2021

Miguel Florez: "Happy to be back with the team”

Miguel Florez is back with the Arkéa-Samsic team for the Semana Ciclista Italiana, a stage race held in Sardinia.


Photo Elen Rius



“I am happy to be racing in the Semana Ciclista Italiana, which marks my return to competition with the Arkéa-Samsic team. I am focused on my comeback in Europe, I am a little bit apprehensive but the joy of being back with my team mates is the most important thing. I hope to be able to help them, and to improve step by step in order to be better and better in the other races that I will have to compete in”.


Arnaud Gérard, Sport-Director

The Briefing

“The Semana Ciclista Italiana offers every day hilly stage profiles without being “mountainous”. The average daily climb is 2000 metres, and sometimes the difficulties are quite far from the finish. So the hardcore riders will have their chance, but there are also possibilities of sprints in small groups with 30 to 50 riders. Many of the riders will be back in the race, with the exception of a few who have already raced in July in Italy. Miguel, who returned to competition at the Colombian Championships, will be back with the team. Our objectives will be to get some good results so that we can start again at the end of the season with a dynamic. The aim is to leave Sardinia on a good note”.