05 August 2021

Matîs Louvel: "We didn't manage to increase the gap”

Big stage in the Tour of Burgos with an explanation between some of the favourites for the next Tour of Spain. Miguel Florez finishes in 28th position.


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On the line


“I took a breakaway  at the beginning of the stage but the Spanish teams weren’t represented enough, so they rode behind us and our advance never exceeded thirty seconds, unfortunately. We were caught again fifteen kilometres later. We had to ride in tempo all day long, I replaced Miguel at the foot of the last climb of the day and then my work was done“.


Rogeer Tréhin, Sport-Director

The debrief

“The third stage of the Tour of Burgos gave place to a pedal explanation between some of the favourites of the next Tour of Spain on the climb of Picòn Blanco. The race at that moment was made by elimination, the peloton split up in several parts. Miguel Florèz found himself in a third group and reached the finish in 28th position. We knew that on this event it would be difficult to play the general classification considering the field present. Matîs tried today, he was in the breakaway. That’s the attitude to have. A sprint is announced tomorrow, we will see if Thomas has been able to recover”.