20 May 2023

Giro d'Italia (Stage 14) - Warren Barguil 11th in Cassano

Warren Barguil, who was in the good breakaway of the day, as well as Thibault Guernalec, finishes 11th in Cassano. His team-mate is 18th. Warren moves up to 20th place in the provisional overall classification.

Photo Arkéa-Samsic/ Aubin Lipke

On the line

“It wasn’t planned for me to be in the breakaway today, I still wanted to recover a bit from my crash, but as no one from the team was able to take the first move out, Thibault and I went for it. I was a little bit short in the final, so I’m obviously disappointed not to be able to play for the win. But as I said, I will not give up until the end of this Giro d’Italia. And I really hope to find the legs soon”.

Thibault Guernalec

“The day spent at the front was more pleasant than in the peloton with the rain and the cold. I am happy to have good legs again after being sick for almost a week. Sometimes 18th places sound like victories, at least in terms of health. I hope that this is only the beginning and that in the third week I can continue to enjoy myself”.

Yvon Caër, Directeur-sportif

The debrief

“A new Dantean stage with very difficult weather conditions, with a descent of the Simplon under four degrees. At the beginning of the stage, Alan Riou was chosen to go in the breakaway. He tried but was not successful. Warren and Thibault then followed a move that left over twenty riders behind. They were right because it was no more difficult in front than in the peloton, except in the final of this stage. Warren gave his best with Thibault, but we are beaten by riders stronger and punchier than us. But we exist on this Giro d’Italia which is really difficult. Tonight I also have a little thought for Alessandro who had to give up today. He is exhausted and his health was not good enough to continue the race”.


Thibault Guernalec