23 June 2023

French Road Championships - Warren Barguil: "It's always a special day"

The 2023 French Road Championships will take place in Cassel, in the Hauts-de-France region, on a difficult course that should, in principle, crown a climber.


“The French Championship is always a special day. A lot of riders have already gathered for this event. There’s a great atmosphere when it’s the day before the race. It’s a competition that dreams are made of, and a lot of riders think “what if it was me tomorrow”. What’s more, this year’s race will take place in the North of France, a land of cycling, and a mythical place like Cassel has been chosen as the setting for these French races. I know the importance of a French Champion’s title, the strength and the joy that the jersey brings, having already worn it twice, as a junior and as a pro. And as in previous seasons at the start of the France race, I’ll be aiming to do well in this very special event on the calendar.

Mathis Le Berre

“The French Road Championship promises to be a tough one, with so many riders lining up. There’s going to be a high level of competition and a lot of desire on the part of the riders and their teams, and I think that for my part, the Tour of Switzerland will have served me well in the run-up to this event. This will be my very first French professional road championship, so it’s bound to be important. I like circuit races and championships. These are events that have motivated me for a long time. I’m going to put myself at the service of the team, with the aim of helping the Arkéa-Samsic team to put in the best possible performance in Cassel, one of France’s top cycling venues. In any case, I’m really looking forward to this event.

Yvon Caër, Sport director

The briefing

“The proposed Cassel circuit is very difficult, with more than 4,000 metres of ascent and more than 200 kilometres to cover. It’s going to be a tough, demanding event, and it could be even tougher if the weather conditions make the race even tougher. The circuit should suit a climber-puncher, and the teams that have many French riders in their ranks will have to shoulder the weight of this championship. For us, our best cards will be Warren Barguil and Clément Champoussin, but other riders may also have some surprises in store for us, given that a French championship is a race that is rarely written in advance, and it can always reveal an element of surprise”.



Alessandro Verre and Luca Mozzato (Italy), Jenthe Biermans (Belgium), Lukasz Owsian (Poland) and Michel Ries (Luxembourg) will represent Arkéa-Samsic in their respective national championships.


Mathis Le Berre