27 July 2023

Donostia San-Sebastian Klasikoa - Clement Champoussin : "I hope to do well in the Basque Country".

Some of the Tour’s riders will be returning to the Basque Country, which marked the start of the event, but this time to contest the Donastia San-Sebastian Klasikoa.

Clément Champoussin


“Donastia San-Sebastian Klasikao is a great post-Tour de France classic. We’ll be back on the same roads we rode on three weeks ago during the Grand-Départ of the Grande Boucle. We’re going to meet up with a public who are fans and passionate about cycling. And that’s always good, because they love cycling in the Basque Country. After the question mark that comes after three weeks of the Tour, it’s always about recovery. But with the form of the Tour the sensations should be good. It’s an undulating course with more and more climbs, there are almost eight kilometre long passes. That’s the kind of race I like.

Roger Tréhin, directeur-sportif

The briefing

“This year’s Donostia San Sebastian Klasikoa could be likened to the 22nd stage of the Tour de France! Indeed, just over three weeks after the start of the Grande Boucle on home soil, the Donostia San Sebastian Klasikoa is traditionally a hilly race that is best enjoyed by riders who have emerged from the Tour in good condition and who have fully recovered from the three weeks of racing. Our favourites for this selective race, which is often decided in the final stages, will be Élie Gesbert, Clément Champoussin, , and Simon Guglielmi, who made a name for himself in the region at the start of July ».


Clément Champoussin
Anthony Delaplace
Simon Guglielmi
Thibault Guernalec
Alessandro Verre
Louis Barré
Elie Gesbert