06 August 2021

Donavan Grondin: "The Izu track is good for bunch racing"

Our rider will take to the track tomorrow in Izu to race the American with Benjamin Thomas.


Photo GettyImages (archive)

After a few days spent in Japan and more precisely in Izu, Donavan Grondin will take to the track tomorrow for the American to compete in one of the world’s greatest sporting events. Everything is going very well”, says “Dino” from Japan. We get along very well in the French track team. We try to keep each other busy before starting the competition for me, or between events when the days are long, by playing board games: uno, cards, …. “

Regarding the specific weather in Japan, Donavan adds: “It’s humid here, usually 80%. The track at the Izu velodrome is quite fast considering the records that have been set. I like the design of the track, it’s good for bunch racing. As for me, I’m adapting quite well because I can adapt very quickly to the jet-lag”.

Selected for the French team to compete in this competition, which brings together the best athletes in the world every four years, Donavan continues. “It is for me the accomplishment of four years of work, now the goal is to try to get a medal with Benjamin. That would just be amazing, huge”.