27 September 2021

Costiou and Leberre to turn professional in 2023

Team Arkéa-Samsic has signed neo-professional contracts for Ewen Costiou and Mathis Le Berre for the 2023 season, starting on 1 August for the former and 1 January for the latter.


Ewen Costiou


I will be joining the Arkéa-Samsic team on 1 August 2023. I didn’t expect to get any offers from the Arkéa-Samsic professional team at the end of the season, as I’m only a first year hopeful. It’s a joy, and a great satisfaction this form of recognition from Emmanuel, General Manager of the team, and its sporting directors to offer me a contract from August 1st 2023. I am happy to join a Breton team that offers its riders a very good racing programme. I want to learn my job in the first instance, doing the work that will be asked of me and helping the team to win races as best I can. I started cycling as a first year cadet after many years of athletics. I used to do long distance: 1000m-3000m. This year, in my first season among the elite, I won the Brittany Championship and the Ronde Finistérienne, and I finished at the foot of the podium in the French U23 time trial championships. My qualities are above all those of a puncheur-rouleur“.



Mathis Le Berre


I have been followed by the Arkéa-Samsic team, via its development programme, since the junior ranks and my move to the professionals within this team in 2023 is the logical continuation of our mutual collaboration. Signing my first pro contract “at home” with a Breton team gives me an extra soul. I know the team well, the family atmosphere that reigns there. I am honoured to be able to wear these colours from 1 January 2023, and to be able to spend another year in the amateur peloton in 2022. So, next year I will continue to learn, also ride in a free way to chase victories or help my teammates to do so by returning the favour after all they have done for me this season”.


Emmanuel Hubert, General Manager of the Arkéa-Samsic team


Mathis Le Berre and Ewen Costiou, 100% Breton riders, will join our team in 2023. Mathis Le Berre will join us on January 1st and Ewen Costiou, who is a U23 rider this year, will join in August. The decision to give them more time to continue to develop their skills in the amateur ranks is shared by both sides. Ensuring that these two promising riders have a professional contract will allow them to continue to learn serenely while having a future within our structure. The signatures of Mathis and Ewen also mark and reinforce our attachment to the Breton territory, to the training clubs of our region which do an excellent job with our young people by giving them the possibility to reach the highest level in a crescendo way. I am happy and satisfied that these two hopefuls have chosen the career path that we have proposed to them. The fact that they opted to start out as pros with the Arkéa-Samsic team is a sign that we have kept our “Gwen Ha du” entity intact, while taking the international turn necessary to play a role on the international stage of professional cycling, and thus eventually join the World-Tour peloton“.