29 August 2021

Connor Swift: "My best World-Tour result”

Offensive in the final, Warren Barguil first and then Connor Swift put their weight on the Bretagne Classic. Connor took 5th place finishing second in the peloton just behind the breakaway riders.

On the line



“We wanted more, to win the race but it’s a World-Tour level, nevertheless 5th personally and collectively for the team is still a good result. Without a breakaway maybe I can sign a podium, but that’s the way it is, you can’t redo the race. I am happy. It is my best result in a World-Tour race, after 150 kilometres I saw that I had good sensations and good legs. I recovered well after the Tour de France and now I hope to perform well at home in the Tour of Britain which is obviously a race that is close to my heart.

“The result for the team is good with the 5th place of Connor, unfortunately for me in the gravel sector some riders are getting away in front of Valentin Madouas and me, and we can’t close this gap. This is obviously frustrating because we can see that the move that started there is going to the end. I had very good legs today. I was active in the final by attacking on the climbs of Marta and Pont-Neuf, but unfortunately it didn’t work for me. I also protected Connor in the last climb, just following the attacks without pushing behind, because that was also my job. The legs are there, they are fine, and I would have liked to do more on my roads. But hey. I also got locked up in the sprint and I couldn’t express myself. We will learn the right lessons from this race: the condition is good and that is the main thing”.

“The main thing is Connor’s result, 5th place in a World Tour event. Warren is a bit disappointed because he had very good legs today. He didn’t miss much at the end of the gravel sector to get the right move. Connor, Romain and I took a good 5th place, we rode to close the gap between the peloton and the breakaway, before Connor went on the counter in the final. I’m going to do the sprint at the finish. Here in Plouay, it’s always stormy, we know that, but here it’s coming from the back. I’m a little bit locked in. I could have signed a top 12, I think. I finished 17th in this World-Tour race and that’s not bad, on such a long race that uses roads that I know by heart. It is a good omen for the end of the season before tackling races that I like. I am very motivated”.
Roger Tréhin, Sport-Director

The debrief


“We are happy with Connor’s 5th place, but the frustration is that Warren just missed out. He was very strong in this race and I think that he can follow the group Alaphilippe, if he doesn’t get locked in the gravel by other riders. Fifth is good, it gives us UCI points, Connor does a great finish. Our two leaders were Connor and Warren who had a lack of success, without that, he is probably in front. In any case, I would like to underline the state of mind of all the riders present on this Bretagne Classic”.