20 March 2023

Brugge-De Panne, C. Russo: "the weather will be the key factor"

A classic race for sprinters, Brugge-De Panne can also be subject to the wind of the flat country and thus favour the edge.

“La Panne marks the beginning of a beautiful block of classics in Belgium. The main difficulty of the race will be the weather. It’s a race usually promised to the sprinters. If it rains, if it’s windy, it can open the race. I like these conditions. In my role, it will be important to work well, to be attentive, to put in confidence the sprinter who will be designated and place him in the best dispositions.”

Sébastien Hinault, sports director

“This is a race that is supposed to be a sprint, but the weather forecast calls for a lot of wind. We can expect some edging, especially on the famous De Moeren straight just before entering De Panne, which will be very exposed. We’re fielding a team that’s going to do that, that likes those conditions and knows how to maneuver in this type of event.”