23 January 2022

Amaury Capiot: "You have to give it your all until the line”

Amaury Capiot finished 2nd in the sprint of the Classica Comunitat Valenciana, 1st race of the 2022 season, which was also marked by a long breakaway of which our neo-pro Alessandro Verre was part.


On the line


Alessandro Verre


« Je suis satisfait de mes sensations sur cette course et du résultat obtenu par l’équipe. J’avais de bonnes jambes, et j’ai pu aller dans un premier groupe d’échappée, et lorsque celui-ci s’est réduit, j’ai encore accompagné les deux coureurs qui sont repartis de l’avant. C’était une belle première pour moi pour ma première course chez les pros et pour ma première compétition avec l’équipe Arkéa-Samsic. J’espère faire de mon mieux cette saison, et surtout que je pourrais continuer avec ce « feeling » sur l’ensemble de l’année 2022 ».

On the line




“There was a first crash with four kilometres to go. It happened just in front of me, and we were a bit embarrassed with Donavan. But Alan did a great job with Clément to put me back in front, and then in the sprint, the crash happened after me. I had luck on my side. We got away with three riders in front, and I was second. Unfortunately it’s not a victory, but I’m not far behind. I’m happy to have avoided the crashes, especially. The sprint was very close, at one point during the sprint I had the feeling that it would not go well. We were fifty meters from the line, so you know it is going to be difficult, but you have to give it your all until the line…”


Arnaud Gérard, Sport-Director

The debrief


Arnaud Gérard: “We are racing to win, and we can’t be satisfied with a 2nd place even if Amaury has done a good sprint in this 2022 edition of the Clasica Comunitat. A three-man sprint like this one is never easy to negotiate anyway. The crashes in the final disrupted the race, but the whole Arkéa-Samsic team was well in place and nobody fell. The roads were wet, and it was quite slippery. Our riders rode a good race, a competition for the start of the season for which we had ambitions. We came here to win, our intentions on the field showed it. We are not far behind and I would like to congratulate everyone. We’re on the pace, but we’re running for the win. Alessandro who was in the breakaway during a big part of the race was a great support for us in front because the team never had to ride when they were nine in the lead, the same when he came out with two other riders in the final. Alessandro signs a nice first for us on this race”.