01 April 2023

GP Indurain: Elie Gesbert 8th

Elie Gesbert took 8th place in the Miguel Indurain Grand Prix. Clément Champoussin also finished in the top 20.

Photo : Getty Images

Elie Gesbert

“I was one of the protected riders today with Clement. We know that it’s always hard here and that the legs have the last word. I would have liked to finish in the top 5 but I finished dry. It’s a performance that remains satisfactory despite everything: I put in a lot of effort and it’s encouraging in view of the next races that await me.”

Arnaud Gérard, sport director

“I think we are in our place today with this 8th place but we would have hoped to do a little better. We did a good race, the riders respected the instructions to surround Elie and Clément. In the penultimate difficulty, Clément is not far from tipping with the two first ones but the result remains correct. It’s reassuring to see Elie in this state of form.”


Elie Gesbert